CasinoEuro Free Spins

CasinoEuro free spins

A loved one has many names: free spins, free spins, free spins. CasinoEuro free spins are already familiar to players on the site right from the start, as the casino tends to offer free spins as part of the CasinoEuro bonus. In addition to deposit bonuses, there is currently a 300-round package for Starburst XXXtreme. In this article, we take a look at CasinoEuro’s free spins under a magnifying glass.

Free spins from CasinoEuro

CasinoEuro free spins are by no means limited to a new player welcome offer, as the casino has a wide and up-to-date selection of offers. You can always access the current offers by clicking on the Offers menu (next to the small gift package icon).

Free spins are a particularly coveted advantage, as they offer many players the best value for their money. However, they are offered not only as individual free spins bonuses, but also as a giveaway for regular deposit bonuses – just like the welcome offer.

One of the classic and popular CasinoEuro free spins offers is the campaign called “Free Spins Packages of the Week”. This promotion includes free spins on both the casino’s all-time favorite games and the new, newly released slot games.

In the weekly free spin packages, players can choose from three different promotional packages each week: 15 free spins with a one-time deposit of €25 and a €50 bet, 30 free spins with a one-time deposit of €50, and a €100 bet, and 60 free spins with a €100 one-time deposit and €400 bet. Best of all, each of these packages can be redeemed within a week, meaning you can collect up to 105 free spins if you wish! The value of the rounds is 20 cents per round, and the campaign game changes every week.

The promotions section should be kept in mind, as should the messages sent by the casino’s marketing team. Here’s how to stay up-to-date on free spins.

Free spins on CasinoEuro games

When you play CasinoEuro , the game’s built-in mechanics can reward you with free spins. Basically, it’s the same thing as with free spins from bonus offers: you get real money spins on the game without running out of account balance. You can also talk about free or free games.

However, where the free spins redeemed through the casino’s bonus offers are benefits provided by the casino itself (or in cooperation with the game provider), the in-game Free Games are part of the rules of the game, unchanged and predetermined. In-game freeroll winnings are also not subject to any wagering requirements if they have not been earned by playing with bonus money.

Frequent in-game free games are obtained by collecting so-called scatter symbols – so in slot games. For example, some table games and video poker also offer free games, but these have their own mechanics. However, both the bonuses and the free spins from within the game are specifically for slot games. In some games, instead of scatters, you can also talk about scatter patterns – the same thing, a different name.

Some games have a Bonus Buy feature: the player can pay to activate a certain game feature within the game. This feature has become more common, especially in the slots of the 2020s. Through this feature, you may also be able to purchase free spins in some games.



No registration – you can also open a game account with an instant deposit!


Be sure to redeem your second and third deposit offers as well!



Start playing in the best company and keep an eye out for upcoming promotions as well.

Recycling conditions also apply to free spins

If you have ever redeemed a bonus from an online casino, you have certainly run into wagering requirements. These are among the conditions under which casinos seek to protect their own interests and prevent players from registering solely for bonuses. Bonus money and winnings must therefore be wagered, ie wagered as specified in the wagering conditions, within a certain time limit before withdrawal is possible. CasinoEuro’s general recycling terms can be found in the website’s terms of use.

Winnings from CasinoEuro’s free spins are bonus money subject to a general wagering requirement – this bonus money must be played through 15 times within five days. After this, the winnings from the free spins are freely repatriated.

In addition to the wagering conditions, other relevant bonus conditions also apply to free spins. For example, not all games meet the recycling requirements in the same way – for example, live casino games only meet them by 15%. However, slot machines (with a few exceptions specified in the Terms of Use) are 100% compliant.

It is also worth noting that for jackpot games, jackpots for certain games cannot be won in free spins. These include games from NetEnt, SG Digital and Yggdrasil, among others.

The value of the rounds varies

CasinoEuro’s free spins are a great way to check out new games or return to your old favorites without losing your account balance – with good luck, it can grow significantly. However, it should be noted that the value of free spins is not constant for all round offers.

The variation in the value of the rounds is due to the simple reason that different games have different rounds of rounds. For example, in a 15 payline game, the minimum round bet is often 15 cents, in a 20 line game 20 cents, and so on. Megaways games are, of course, an exception to this traditional formula. The most common round bet in the game is usually offered in round offers, but there may be occasionally more valuable rounds than this.

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